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4 min readSep 19, 2021


Solmoverse, an NFT-powered pixel-metaverse built on Solana

In the past several weeks, we have been working tirelessly on the implementation of our project and are glad to report to finally be able to share some information with you about Solmoverse, token use-case and future goals our team aspires to.

Solmoverse — A world of united NFTs

Our current objective consists of creating a world (named “Solmoverse”) where all your favourite pixel-NFT-projects can come to life. By minting one of our NFTs, you will not only receive an image but also your own personal planet that you will be able to visit, interact with and even customize to a certain degree.

“Icaruz, the Ice Giant”

In order to ensure that no-one receives an empty planet, we also created 200 unique attributes — including different characters, buildings etc.— that are scattered randomly around your “world” and are, of course, also interactable.

Wizard (1), Elephant (2), Alien (3), Spaceship (4), Chinese Dragon (5), Triceratops (6), Jedi (7)

With the help of “Jeff, the Explorer” and his friends, you will be able to traverse your planet!

“Jeff, the Explorer”


Regarding the currency of our pixel-metaverse, we generated our own tokens (called SOLMO) that will allow everyone to customize their planet to their liking or to buy exclusive NFTs for your planet. The number of SOLMO-tokens is hard-capped at 10 billion which means there will not be any more minted in the future. Furthermore, 50% of the total supply will be burned over time which will further increase its value.

Community Token Distribution

5% of the maximum supply has already been airdropped to our community and another 5% is coming up very shortly. Among the exclusive members of our project, namely the ones who hold a SolMoon NFT, there will be an additional airdrop after concluding the minting process. In addition, for every 10% burned, an additional 1% will be airdropped to every SolMoon NFT holder. The remaining 5% will be used for various events.

Market Listing

After successfully concluding the first two airdrops, the $SOLMO token will be listed on several exchanges.

Physical NFT distribution

Selected NFT owners will receive a physical, metal version of their NFT. More details on this will be announced in the following weeks.


Our vision is to bring something new to the table of NFTs; something that has never been seen before. We would like to provide a use-case for every pixel-NFT project whether they were minted as an investment, to trade or for personal interest. You should be able to simply travel to a planet you OWN and watch how your favourite NFTs in your wallet come to life and how you can even interact with them.

There are many reasons why we chose the Solana blockchain for this venture but the main advantages, beside the AWESOME community, are the low transaction fees and quick exchanges that would not have been possible otherwise.

The future of “Solmoverse”

As soon as traveling to one’s own planet is open, we would like to expand our horizon and provide you with even more possibilities like traveling to “foreign” planets with a character of yours and exploring other people’s collections. With the help of a simple chat-function, you could even discuss and argue which planet or attribute you like the most.

Thankfully, our community is one of the BEST among all Solana-NFT-projects and we would like to use this influence as a means to help newer pixel art projects by launching them on our website (similar to an IDO). Amidst those, there will be some exclusive ones too that will only be mintable with $SOLMO.

PS.: We are extremely proud of our community that has been supporting us unconditionally for months. You are our motivation! We are confident in our work and have big plans for the future. We will also make sure that our tokens play a greater role in our project so that every holder gets rewarded.

Stay tuned,

Your SolMoon Team.

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A Solana-based, NFT-powered pixel-metaverse, where all your favourite pixel-NFTs come to life.